1) What is MyEzyCover.com?

MyEzyCover.com. is an online application for easy renewal of vehicle insurance & road tax. We will be offering more variety of general takaful products gradually.

2) Who are eligible to purchase from MyEzyCover.com?

Our platform is available for all segments of society catering for the needs of motor takaful and insurance policy renewal. All you need is internet access and an online payment capability. Our focus is also for government servants where we offer a flexible payment scheme through Angkasa salary deduction.

3) What is the benefit by getting a policy in MyEzyCover.com?

Our platform democratizes the ability of customers to make their own choices of purchase, when it comes to motor takaful and insurance renewal. Apart from the benefit of making a choice that fits the customers’ criteria or budget, we also offer promotional rebates, discounts, gifts etc from time to time.

4) Does MyEzyCover.com provides shariah compliant products?

Yes. MyEzyCover.com provides Takaful products which are Shariah Compliant and also for government servants, the Qard Loan is also a Shariah compliant loan product.

5) What is the benefit for government employees?

Good news for all government staff! All government staff and employees who qualify for Angkasa salary deduction scheme, will be entitled for interest-free loan with 3 options for instalment payment to choose from; 3 months, 6 months or 10 months deferred payment plan with zero interest/profit charges or any other charges.

6) Does MyEzyCover.com application protects customers’ personal data under PDPA Act?

Yes. This application is safe & secure. All the information that you shared will be safely preserved and in compliance with the laws & regulations practiced here in Malaysia.

7) Who can use these services?

All Malaysians and foreigners with a valid JPJ driving license.

8) What are the benefits of renewing your insurance at MyEzyCover.com?

With MyEzyCover.com, the renewal only takes place via online thus it is very convenient, saves a lot of time and cost. This service is also accessible at any time and is available to all government servants with loan instalment offering of up to 10 months with zero interest.

9) How does MyEzyCover.com obtains the details of my vehicle and insurance if the information provided is incomplete during the transaction process?

We will confirm all information and details with The Road Transport Department (JPJ). If the information provided is incomplete, we will then contact you again to retrieve the missing information and complete the transaction.

10) How do I choose a suitable quote matching for my preference?

You will have a few options to select from all the participating insurance and Takaful companies in MyEzyCover.com. You may browse through and compare all the features on offer including the basic and add-on benefits offered by the different insurance and Takaful providers. This will give you a better idea of which insurance or Takaful provider matches your requirements and needs. You may also wish to contact us to discuss your requirements before you make your decision. (Note: At the initial launch of MyEzyCover.com platform, the options may be limited).

11) How many policies can I get from MyEzyCover.com?

There are no limits to the number of policies that can be purchased from MyEzyCover.com. However, for every purchase valid details are required and the vehicle must be free from being in the BLACKLISTED list by JPJ.

12) How do I know if I am able to renew my roadtax and insurance and Takaful?

You can visit the links given to check blacklist status of the vehicle/driving license and check summons. You can then move on to purchase without any worries.

JPJ vehicle and license status check
JPJ : Semak Status Senarai Hitam

JPJ summons check
JPJ: Semak Saman

You can also check via sms
Type POLIS SAMAN [space] vehicle number or ic number
Send to 15888

13) How do I contact MyEzyCover.com for assistance?

Email – support@atechinsure.com
Or via the chat solution on MyEzyCover.com

14) How will I receive my policy?

Once you made your payment, MyEzyCover.com will send you the invoice and confirmation. Subsequently, the selected insurance or Takaful company will send the full set of policy complete with policy wording and product disclosure all via email.

15) Can I change my coverage after purchase?

Yes, you can. However, this will be subject to the cancellation policy and may involve service charges imposed by the insurance or Takaful company. There will not be any additional charges imposed byMyEzyCover.com for this process.

16) How can I get additional coverage?

All our insurance and Takaful partners have their own add-on benefits so you can individually choose whichever you need.

17) What is meant by motor detariffication?

Detariffication means removing the tariff structure. This will allow insurance and Takaful companies to charge premiums that matches the risk profiles of its consumers. Different insurance and Takaful companies can charge at a different price to its consumers for the same risk behavior based on their business risks models and strategies.

18) What is excess?

The amount of money that you will have to bear is known as excess deductibles, while the insurance provider will be responsible for the remaining sum. As you have taken more risk on yourself and the insurance and Takaful provider will pay less for the expenses, the higher the deductibles, the lower the premiums.

19) What is the difference between MARKET VALUE & AGREED VALUE?

The Agreed Value is the amount agreed by insurer and the policyholder for the car insured (based on underwriting requirements) while the market value is the current value of the vehicle in the market.



Basic benefits:

  • Loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or accident.
  • Your liability or your authorized drivers’ liability to property loss or damage and third party for bodily injury and death.
  • FREE all Authorized Driver’s coverage.
  • NIL excess.
  • 6 Months Repair Warranty for workmanship repairs by Panel Repairers.
  • COMPLIMENTARY Personal Accident coverage of RM15,000 for you and your passengers.

    Complimentary personal accident coverage
    Each eligible driver and passenger will be entitled to a sum covered of RM15,000 per life in the event of accidental death or permanent disablement within 12 months from the date of accident while he/she is travelling in or alighting from the named vehicle.

Optional Add-On benefits:

  • Cover for Windscreens, Windows & Sunroof
    This benefit covers the cost of replace or repair any glass in the windscreens, windows or sunroof of your vehicle that is accidentally damaged, including the cost of lamination/tinting film (if any).
    Your No Claim Discount (NCD) will not be affected if this additional coverage is included.
  • Motor PA Plus
    You can include Motor PA Plus which provides an additional cover for the driver and passengers travelling in your vehicle against death or permanent disablement due to a road accident. It also comes with breakdown towing up to a maximum limit as selected by you. These benefits are payable on top of the complimentary personal accident of RM15,000 for each person and 50km breakdown towing.

    There are three plans to choose from:
    • Plan 1 – RM20,000 PA Cover for Driver & Passengers and breakdown towing up to 100km
    • Plan 2 – RM30,000 PA Cover for Driver & Passenger and breakdown towing up to 200 km
    • Plan 3 – RM40,000 PA Cover for Driver & Passenger and breakdown towing up to 300km
  • Inclusion of Special Perils
    This benefit covers your vehicle against loss or damage caused by natural perils such as flood, storms, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, or sediment.
  • Towing and Cleaning due to Water Damage
    This benefit reimburses you for the actual expenses incurred up to a maximum limit as selected by you in the event your vehicle sustains water damage due to flooding, flash flood, overflowing of waterways, drains, rivers, or mud slides which require towing and cleaning. This benefit can only be claimable once during the period of coverage.

    You can choose the benefit limits from the plan options below:
    • Plan 1 – RM1,000
    • Plan 2 – RM2,000
    • Plan 3 – RM3,000
  • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)
    This benefit compensates you for the loss of use of your vehicle based on loss adjuster's assessment of the time required for repairs as a result of an accident (up to 21 days x RM200).
  • Key Replacement
    This benefit reimburses you 80% of the cost to replace the key to your car up to a maximum limit as selected by you. This benefit can only be claimable once during the period of coverage.

    You can choose the benefit limits from the plan options below:
    • Plan 1 – RM750
    • Plan 2 – RM1,500
    • Plan 3 – RM3,000
  • Legal Liability to Passengers
    This benefit covers you against the legal liabilities for death or bodily injuries caused to your passengers (except family members) due to your negligent driving. This coverage is compulsory if you drive your car in Singapore.
  • Legal Liability of Passengers for Negligence Acts
    This benefit covers you against the legal liabilities for death or bodily injuries to third party or third-party property damage due to negligence of your passengers (e.g., a passenger in your car whilst opening the car door causes an injury to a passer-by or the car behind you).
  • Vehicle Accessories
    This refers to the standard factory-fitted tools of the vehicle including air-conditioners and spare tyres and may include radio/cassette player/compact disc player and the like as specified in the Schedule.
  • Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion
    This benefit covers your vehicle against loss or damage caused directly by persons involved in a strike, riot or disturbance of public peace.
  • Roadside Assistance Program/Tele Bantuan - Emergency car assistance program provided to all eligible participants with a Comprehensive Private Motor Takaful coverage.
    • 24/7 Minor Roadside Repair
      • Repair the vehicle on the roadside with FREE labour costs up to 2 hours.
      • FREE Minor roadside repairs are those that can be done on the spot. E.g., jump start services, change of battery or tires, emergency delivery of petrol and/or minor wiring work.
    • 24/7 Towing Service
      • If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, Tele Bantuan provider will provide FREE towing service up to 50km (one-way trip) for Private Car and up to 30km (one-way trip) for Motorcycle per incident from breakdown scene to the nearest Takaful Malaysia’s panel workshop.
    • Accident
      • Tele Bantuan provider will provide FREE towing service up to a maximum of RM200 for Private Car and a maximum of RM50 for Motorcycle to the nearest Takaful Malaysia’s panel workshop.
  • Saving Value (Cash back if no claims)
    • Cash back is our reward to our participants should they make no claims within the coverage period.
    • Participants will be entitled for the cash back so long as your certificate remains claims-free during the coverage period


1) Comprehensive Cover: How to claim from own insurance and Takaful company

What to claim:

How to claim:

Submit to your insurance and Takaful company:

2) Third Party Cover: How to make a third-party property damage claim

What to claim:

How to claim:

Accident Assistance:




1) What are the payment methods available in MyEzyCover.com?

We allow for payments to be made using your credit card or debit card for Visa and Mastercard brands.

  • - Note: For government employees who are eligible under the Angkasa salary deduction scheme, there will be an interest-free deferred payment scheme available.

2) How do I know if my payment is successful?

Once you are done with your payment process, MyEzyCover.com will send you an invoice for the occurred payment followed by the policy cover/schedule from the insurance and Takaful company.

3) How to get interest free loan for government employees?

All members of ANGKASA who are verified will be eligible for the loan. The loan amount will be given according to sum of salary and subject to the loan approval terms and conditions.

4) How to pay back the loan?

The Sistem Potongan Gaji ANGKASA (SPGA) will deduct salaries of the government employees on monthly basis.


1) How do I apply for salary deduction from ANGKASA?

It’s a very easy process as below:

  1. Download Borang ANGKASA 1/79 from MyEzyCover.com platform.
  2. Fill the details of the Borang 1/79 with personal details and data on monthly salary deduction. The monthly salary deduction is automatically generated based on the quotation from MyEzyCover.com.
  3. Get it signed off by the respective “Ketua Jabatan”.
  4. Attach supporting documents i.e. latest payslip and copy of IC together with Borang 1/79 and then upload it to MyEzyCover.com

2) How do I know if I’m eligible for loan via salary deduction?

Once you upload the documents mentioned in (1) above, MyEzyCover.com will automatically calculate and within 1 hour you will know your eligibility. Our Customer Service Consultants will get in touch with you.

3) What options for deferred payment terms are available?

To ease the burden of monthly payments we have arranged for 3 options: 3 months, 6 months & 10 months for deferred payment of the loan.

4) What is loan protection?

Loan protection insurance or Takaful covers debt payments on certain covered loans if the insured loses their ability to pay due to a covered event. Such an event may be disability or illness, unemployment, or another hazard, depending on the policy.

5) Will the loan protection fully cover the purchase amount?

It depends on the loan protection amount and the outstanding loan balance. Any difference will have to be topped up by the customer.



You may cancel your certificate at any time by giving written notice and returning your original Certificate of Takaful to the insurance or Takaful company. Upon cancellation, any refund of the contribution would be based on the conditions stipulated in the certificate.

1) How can I cancel my policy?

You can contact the respective insurance or Takaful company to submit your cancellation according to their terms and conditions.

2) When can I cancel my policy?

All insurance or Takaful companies will allow to cancel 1 day before the policy expires, but the refund rates vary so once you start your cancellation process the insurance or Takaful provider will update on the eligible amount of refund.

3) Who can cancel the policy?

Anyone who have purchased a policy or appointed by the policy holder can do the cancellation by preparing the required documents by insurance or Takaful company.

4) How Do I Find Out If My Car Insurance and Takaful is Canceled?

Typically, insurance and Takaful company will send a notification via mail or email asap. The time frame for advance notice varies by state and the reason the policy is being canceled. For example, cancellation for nonpayment typically requires 10 days’ notice of cancellation. A notice of cancellation for other reasons, like a driver’s license suspension, can generally range from 20 to 45 days, depending on the state.

5) What Happens If Your Car Insurance and Takaful is Canceled?

Driving without car insurance and Takaful is illegal in and could result in penalties, including driver’s license suspension, fines etc.

6) Do insurance and Takaful companies check if you had insurance and Takaful canceled?

Yes, insurance and Takaful companies check to see if you have had continuous auto insurance and Takaful, including cancellations. That is because having a gap in your insurance and Takaful history is seen as a higher risk, which typically translates into higher insurance and Takaful premiums.